From the outset of Veritas we have always believed that the context and culture matters to the performance of the team responsible for client capital management.


The practice of investment, alongside developing the conditions within which the right degree of thought and analysis takes place, is of paramount importance.

Client orientated

We aim to align ourselves with client interests by only pursuing clients who seek our philosophy, process and core competencies. We invest alongside our clients.


Independence of thought and action.


We prefer people in the Partnership to take initiatives, find solutions and ‘get things done’ in the interests of the clients and the Partnership.

Simplicity and Focus

We believe the practice of investment and the business of investment to be complex and demanding – so we concentrate on simplicity and focus to better navigate the demands.

Marathon not a sprint

We concentrate in both investment practice and business development on long term success. We are prepared to make difficult decisions that are right in the long term and we are prepared to be different from the crowd.

Thoughtful, analytical and evidence based

Seek the truth. These traits develop excellence and a meritocracy – vital for a partnership.


Influence and authority built in the boutique by excellence and contribution over multiple years. Partnership has an important implicit contract of mutual responsibility amongst the Partners and with the clients.


Vital foundation stone in a people business dealing with the management of client capital.


We want a firm of able people with the right character and personality for long term success which comes from patience and determination.

Veritas Asset Management has the key investment objective of delivering long term real returns to its clients. Our aim is to both protect and grow the purchasing power of our clients’ capital over time.

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