The Veritas Asian strategies are focused on protecting and growing the real value of clients’ capital over our rolling 5 year investment horizon or a full economic cycle.

Asian Overview

At Veritas our approach is to navigate markets on a stock by stock basis, using structural growth themes as initial filters to narrow down the opportunity set into areas we consider worth investigating further to find the high quality companies we seek. Once potential candidates have been identified we conduct deep dive due diligence on individual companies, challenging ourselves at each step to confirm if a company has the quality characteristics we require. Once we have completed our deep dive work, we then remain patient for the right entry price which in our judgement will achieve the investment outcome objective.

We are unconstrained by benchmark/index weightings in finding ideas, we only seek high quality companies with a competitive advantage to protect future cash flows with a market capitalisation of USD 5bn+ run by talented aligned management. We are prepared to look through short term volatility, believing that volatility is something that can be a real benefit and present excellent opportunities to investors with a sufficiently long term time horizon.


Asian Strategies

Veritas Asian Characteristics

– Long only strategy investing in equities in Asia Pacific ex Japan
– High conviction with a quality bias, 35-55 positions unconstrained by benchmark/index weightings
– Objective is to protect and grow the real value of investors’ capital whilst exceeding the MSCI AC Asia Pacific ex Japan over rolling 5-year periods
– Valuation discipline is key
– Seeking to achieve long term capital growth with lower than market volatility as an outcome.
– Thematic portfolio construction with ideas focused on investment themes that benefit from structural growth over a 3-5-year time horizon
– Positions will be mostly in large cap companies ($5bn+)
– Available as a segregated portfolio
– Available as a Fund: Veritas Asian Fund (Irish domiciled ICVC, UCITS V compliant with daily liquidity)


Veritas China Characteristics

– Long fund investing in equities in Chinese corporates or China related corporates irrespective of their countries of listing.
– Objective is to achieve long term capital growth with low volatility. Aims to achieve real returns irrespective of market conditions rather than reference to an index.
– Focus on quality companies that benefit from long term structural growth as well as opportunities in quality cyclical winners and special situations.
– Positions will be mostly in large cap companies.


Veritas Asset Management has the key investment objective of delivering long term real returns to its clients. Our aim is to both protect and grow the purchasing power of our clients’ capital over time.

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