Veritas Asset Management has the key investment objective of delivering long term real returns to its clients. Our aim is to both protect and grow the purchasing power of our clients’ capital over time.

Our Partnership

Established in 2003, the company is run with a partnership structure and culture. We have offices in London and Hong Kong.

Veritas Asset Management is led by four Managing Partners: Andy Headley (Fund Manager and Head of Global), Ezra Sun (Fund Manager and Head of Asia), Nicola Smith (Chief Operating Officer), Antony Burgess (Head of Clients and Investment Specialists) and Arunma Oteh (Non-Executive Chairperson).

Meet our team

We offer both Global and Asian equity strategies which have distinct investment teams dedicated to the products offered within those strategies.




Our Philosophy

Since our foundation in 2003 the Veritas philosophy has been built upon two founding principles of Real Returns and Partnership.

Real Returns

We manage money on behalf of clients following our Veritas Real Return Approach, implemented by an investment team with substantial experience and a proven long term track record. The approach demands that all potential investments are analysed from an absolute basis rather than relative to any benchmark or index. The focus is on protecting and growing client’s capital in real terms with exceeding an equity benchmark a fall out of that process.


Our business is run with a partnership structure and culture. We align our interests as owners in partnership with our clients. Our partners and employees are invested alongside our clients on the same terms. We are an investment-led organisation that controls the growth of our business. It’s important to us that clients fully understand our approach and share a similar objective or mind-set.


Our Key Principles

The key principles of the firm can be summarised as:

  • 1

    Focused on protecting and growing the real value of clients’ capital.

  • 2

    Partnership structure and culture.

  • 3

    Alignment of interests with clients through controlled growth, co-investment and investment objectives.

  • 4

    Investment-led culture and independence. The context investors work within is critical.

  • 5

    Broad spread of clients with a focus on our core capabilities.

  • 6

    Genuine long term perspective. Investments made with a 5 year plus time frame.

  • 7

    Integrity. We avoid herd-like mentality and we are not ‘all things to all people’ whether in investment or in appealing to clients.

Veritas Asset Management has the key investment objective of delivering long term real returns to its clients. Our aim is to both protect and grow the purchasing power of our clients’ capital over time.

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